The Shortlists are Here

We’re pleased to announce the 2017 Brighton Prize shortlists.

We’ll be announcing the winners at a special show at The Brunswick in Hove. Entry is free. If you’d like to come along, let us know here.


Short Stories:

Alex Morrison – Life

Anthony Howcroft – Wild Animals

Astra Bloom – The Art of Learning From Aunts is Hard to Master, it May Take Several Lifetimes

Douglas Bruton – The Mixing Up of Love and Hate

Joanna Piesse – Sewn by Ann Yates and Eliza Worth in the Year 1818

Jon Greaves – Elysia

Liam Brown – Possum

Megan Taylor – Winter Break

Paula Hunter – Wait

Ren Watson – Indestructible


Flash Fiction:

Astra Bloom – Fallen Angels

Freya Morris – Dead Bulbs

Haleh Agar- Jellyfish

Leonard Kress – Painters and Potters at Play

Nancy Ludmerer – Morris and Cleo

Ren Watson – The Spy

Sally Tissington – Hoof

Sharon Boyle – Boulder

Sharon Bennett – Thunderbirds are Go

Shaun Stevenson – iTopia