The shortlist

After three and a half months of reading, we’ve whittled down the hundreds of entries we received to two shortlists of 11.


The stories are now with the judges who will decide which are the winners, and which the runners-up.

We can’t yet let you know who the authors are, as the judging must be anonymous. Once the decision has been made, we’ll make their names public.


You’ll be able to read the stories next year – all shortlistees will be offered publication in our next anthology.


Shortlisted short stories:

Little Snoopy Pull Along
Learning my Lesson
The Bed
The Frost Hare
The Fox
On an Earth Uniformly Covered by Sea
In a Heartbeat
The Vagina and the Gypsy
City of Angels


Shortlisted flash fiction:

The Art of Breaking a Heart
Post-it Mortem
Stella Star Swallower
That Song by Van Morrison
Listing Marriage
The Freedom of the Sea
Dark Matter
The Dog